Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
Boot Prints is a registered Veteran-Owned business. Thank YOU for your support! Boots Printing Company is located at 1628 Saw Mill Run Blvd. 2nd Floor Pgh, PA 15210, 412.882.4522 or BOOTPRINTING@GMAIL.COM thank you! (HAPPY? DAVE BLAST!?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So heres a bunch of photos from my trip to Chicago. While i was there I stayed with my great friend ALI! shes TBC so basically shes down for life! We had a great weekend.  But first, there was business to handle. after I arrived and we got our minds right. she went to work and I went to WRK .. I had my Evisu bag so you already know... met up with @_SOOS from THE B.R.E.A.D. SHOP, a really cool lower level barber shop in South Chicago. Not only do they split wigs, they are transforming their space into a streetwear shop / art gallery.  I felt at home at THE B.R.E.A.D. SHOP even though i had never even been to Chicago let alone met the B.R.E.A.D. FAM.  The homie / ex-apprentice BRIAN LONGWILL (who lives in CHI now) linked me with B.R.E.A.D., they had seen his LV design for BOOT PRINTS and were impressed, and placed an order on the spot.  Now I could have just shipped them and paypaled the invoice from them, but I thought in good business form, I would deliver the shirts personally.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera when i went to THE B.R.E.A.D. SHOP so the photos that follow are just out and about in Chicago.  Have no fear though, they were also impressed with the WRK CLOTHES brand in general. I took a few beanies with me and some WRK shirts just to get a read on the Chicago market for em .. and I was pleasantly surprised when every piece i took there SOLD OUT! @_SOOS was pleased and we made plans to have WRK CLOTHES be carried in their shop. The WRKin class aspect of WRK CLOTHES fits right in with Chicago's WRKin class history and attitude.  Very similar to the STEEL CITY! Not only is WRK CLOTHES going to be carried at B.R.E.A.D., they invited the WRK crew to host a POP UP SHOP at the B.R.E.A.D. SHOP in the early summer (dates T.BA.) so all of our CHI FAM be ready for that! WRK BOYS COMIN THROUGH!

enjoy some photos!


so CHEERS TO @_SOOS, @THELOCALMOTIVES (brian longwill) and THE B.R.E.A.D. SHOP SOUTH CHICAGO . big shoutout to ALI McBROOM TBC CHI-TOWN REPRESENTATIVE and HNG for showing me a bit of the windy city!

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