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Friday, November 11, 2011

A trip to the worst place, with the best folks. Brothers In Arms.

"...I was a soldier, age 21; in a war, not sure what I was fighting for..." - Mike Ness "Ballad Of A Lonely Man"

     Now, this is not quite true for Mr. Ness, but such is the tale of so many of our country's young men and women, and I am one of them.  This isn't a topic I usually like to speak on, an occasional tale here or there, but kept in the background for the most part.  

    One of the main reasons for that is upon returning home, I wasn't really ready in any way for civilian life. I blew through my combat pay in a hazy daze of drunken nights and slow afternoons. It was a blessing of sorts when I ran out of.money and had to take a job at Copies at Carson, Inc. Working there got me back on a structured schedule and trust, if that hadn't happened this story was going to end unhappily. Thank God that is not the case. 

     I didn't understand it at the time but what I experienced in war changed me. All those things I just described were part of that metamorphisis. And its still a work in progress. With that said I wanted to show everyone some of the road I walked to get here today.

-"Haec Protegimus" 
SPC Joseph Mirt, US Army Engineer 


     I am extremely proud of myself and my brothers and sisters across the country and that's why I decided to post some photos that I collected from my vault as well as from some of my brothers that i had the honor to serve with in OIF III, FOB Summerall, Bayji, Iraq. Thank yinz all for the continued support!

ENGINEERS LEAD THE WAY! C Co. 1 / 103rd ENG . my brothers forever!

Have a blessed Veteran's day. Keep in mind that there are people fighting for your freedoms. Forever.
this goes out to every generation of Vets. Every branch. Every MOS. It's all the same fight!


  1. I can't believe how young we looked. Brings back some good and not so good memories. Thank You for sharing this brother as I lost all the pics I had from my computer. God Bless You! You're my Brother 4 Life!

  2. G im just seein this now! love you brother! yeah man . this was quite a trip down memory lane for me as well.. im proud of myself and all of us man! we were boys turned to men there! hope to see you soon!

  3. Boots,
    That is quite the montage. Some of them made me laugh. I do miss you guys a lot. So, who is G note?

    1. hey sarnt. G Note is .. you guessed it Giovanni Cubano!!!