Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Earn Goes to Philly!

A good friend of ours decided he was going to move to Philly to teach kids and better the world. He goes by the name of Earn and he is like the little brother to the BPC. We decided it would only be right if we sent him out the proper way, BPC style. We made a few calls and rounded up some of the city's best performers to really make this a night for all of us to remember. BZE and Dos Noun are our homies and when it comes to freestyling in Pittsburgh they are the kings, they both agreed to come rock the spot. We knew we needed a dope DJ, so we thought who else but world infamous DJ Hank D to come through and spin that real hip-hop. There was still one element missing so we called up Pittsburgh's finest breakdancing crew The Get Down Gang, Teena Marie and D-Smilez came through to show us their stylish acrobatics. I can't forget to mention the pleasant surprise that BZE brought through, he is a breakdancing instructor at this little camp they call Woodward and he goes by the name of Kid Cuba. Kid Cuba just so happened to be in town the night of the party and really put on a show for everyone. Here are a few flicks of what went down.

All in all it was a good night with good people and good vibes. I want to thank everyone who helped make this event possible. Shout outs to the Blasfamily, Beedie, BZE, Dos Noun, The Get Down Gang, Kid Cuba, and everyone else that came through to send Big Earn off.