Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

JULY #FirstFridayFreshness / HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

      More than 81 million Americans participate in 4th of July celebrations across the country.  A majority of these people see it as nothing more than an entire weekend of drinking, grilled meat, and a local fireworks display before trudging back to their cubicles and blacking out until Labor Day, giving little thought to the meaning behind their hangovers.
          On July the 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. Thereafter, the 13 colonies embarked on the road to freedom as an independent nation.  But independent from what exactly?  Great Britain?  Unfair tea prices?  The ideals behind the Declaration far surpass any tangible example one might be able to muster up. So we don't try to. We just celebrate with a 3 day party and loads of fireworks! Thank God we gained our independence some 235 years ago!


     How exactly freedom and fireworks are related isn't completely clear, but they've been a July 4th staple ever since the first celebration of the holiday in 1777.  Technically, just a cardboard tube filled with combustible material, but it is the light and sound that these cardboard tubes create that fascinated people then as it still does to this day.

      Now Americans love for fireworks and Fourth of July Festivities are no secret. Slightly more of a secret (more like a guilty pleasure) is Americans love for a festive FIREWORKS TEE SHIRT. All cities have gift shops with selections of these firworks tee's stating the city with a nice skyline / fireworks imagery going on. But generally they are corny shirts and thats the draw.

      Well yinz'r in luck this year because for the JULY #FirstFridayFreshness we chose to celebrate this generic tradition of the summer FIREWORK SHIRT ... with a little twist.. you be the judge. Instead of a shirt commemorating the Fourth of July or our Independence as a whole.. this shirt goes more for the personal .. INDEPENDENT.

Are you Independent?
*note: we printed these on Racerback
Tanks for the ladies.. we didnt forget about yinz summer fun!

everyone have a safe, fun, and adventurous holiday weekend!

from all of us in the Boot Prints Crew

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