Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

winter shit.

first off. hope everyone had a great holiday season! its been a crazy rough and tumble couple months here at the BPC shop.  at the beginning of december things just about screeched to a halt, as i was forewarned by industry types that it would.  this is where the BPC HOLIDAZE SPECIAL came from. one morning while cleaning screens we kicked around the idea of a holiday sale.  but we're not a definitive retail spot and to be honest , its a factory, cant have people walking around a factory all like that. "ya cant go dahn the mill just nebbin arahhnnd. "(yinzer voice) so, long story short we came up with a special offering to print ONE custom tee shirt for $22! it was a great deal and there were a few people that bit on the offer! thank yinz for that! check out some of the holidaze special shirts :: a few of them are the single shirt deal that ended 18DEC10 a few were for more! shout out everyone that came thru the whole month of december, whether you brought food, jet fuel, or just a shout in sayin yinz fuck wit what were doing up here...

its crazy watching the seconds go by. nightly, 51 becomes more and more like a ghost highway, the bursts of truck traffic a low steady rumble. then quiet. repeat.  after the work is done i get to relax, not too much, but just a bit. tonite has been one of reflection. of the past year, mistakes as well as breakthroughs. crazy to think where i was and what i was going through at the beginning of 2010. i was in so far over my head and had no idea what type of pandora's box i had pryed open. school can't prepare you for this. nothing can. you just gotta close your eyes and JUMP! head-first into the wild world of business. throw in the whole "growing up" thing .... real life. man, its crazy.

 look i suck at blogging. but its worth checking out sometimes i think. and i am going to try to post something nightly. after the works been done. i need to have a ketchup and mustard day... then relish my accomplishments.... (theres a little Carrick High VISCOM humor) speaking of Carrick High and VISCOM . the VISCOM teacher: Mr. Walchesky taught me the very basics of screen printing and i knew i wanted to do something in this field since i was in 10th grade (although i was stencil / spray painting shirts in 7th grade) so a big thank you goes out to Checky. a few months ago i tweeted something about Mr. Walchesky when Brick, world famous streetwear bully and owner of timebombshop.com, told me he had a teacher at Arsenal Middle School named Mr. Walchesky who was his Visual Arts teacher ... aka VISCOM . so we figured out that the same person taught us basically the same thing. with about a decade in between . neat!



i started posting this a GRIP ago. and well. its probably all out of time sync but whatever. its some nice little ramblings and a few photos too.

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