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Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big L - Put it On

It's really shitty outside. I'm sitting here inside as the rain beats the shit out of the window next to me. I love the winter when it snows, but all I can think about is how much it sucks that there will most likely be no more really nice days for months. Which brings me to my point about nice days: there are few better feelings in life (maybe being high or sex or bomb ass food) than driving FAST listening to THIS song.

I mean, there are tons of good driving songs. There are songs that are good for driving in the rain (Kanye West - Drive Slow), songs for driving to a sick party (Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement), I could go on forever. But listening to Big L - Put it On while driving on a nice day is one of the best feelings in the fucking world, for real. It's so crazy to think about how much one song can impact so many people on crazy levels.

Wayback when DJ Drastik put out a mixtape (along with Adolph Thieves) called Big Names Big Faces. 30 some tracks of Biggie, Big Pun, and Big L spitting straight fire. One of the best mixtapes of all time. Back then, when Mook was still crushing the city (when he was 837, I was 12 ..anyone who understands that, you're welcome), Joe Boots got put down with hip hop. See, Boots was a  punk rocker turned SHARP Skin. Suspenders and Doc Martins, skipping Carrick HS, crushing PBR on traintracks. Then he heard Big Names Big Faces and everything changed.

Flash forward to now. Drastik is still a sick DJ crushing it at Soul II Sole. Time Bomb is still keeping the streets fresh to death. Joe Boots is killing the printing game. Now, Joe makes these ridiculously ill BIG L shirts, Time Bomb sells them. Mac Miller wears it in his videos. I rock it way too often. Anyway, here's to BIG L. RIP.

p.s. How 90's is this video? Like what are those white and red overalls Big L is wearing? The 90s were ridiculous.

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