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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Pittsburgh MC Beedie stopped in the shop today to do an interview with us. We've been working with Beedie and his crew (The Varsity Squad) for a while now. We're not gonna do an extensive bio because if you don't already know about him you're fucking late. (plus it's already been done and you can read it here).

The basics:
East End MC
Mixtapes: Most Slept on ('09) and Sleeping In ('10)
Done a ton of collabs with other Pittsburgh MCs including Ghosty & Mac Miller
1/3 of The Varsity Squad (along with MC Jon Quest & producer Shade Cobain)
A sick arsenal of videos by Rex Arrow Films
He's only 22 but he's on his GROWN SHIT.

His favorite part about being a rapper in the Pittsburgh hip hop scene?
"The shows, the cyphers, the freestyles. And East End chill sessions."
Awesome answer my dude.

BPC: What do you think of the pittsburgh hip hop scene?

BEEDIE: I think Pittsburgh really has some great things going for it right now. It's really on the rise. We're at the top trying to open the flaps to the outside world like ... 'Yo! Let us out!' We got a couple people who kinda poked outta there but as a whole there is just so much talent, it's really just booming with talent. We have everything here except the record labels.

BPC: How about the national hip hop scene?

BEEDIE: I think Pittsburgh has definite opportunity to make it in that world and I mean, it could be the next Atlanta. It could be the next Detroit. It could be that next big city.

BPC: Where do you see yourself fitting into both the Pittsburgh scene and the national scene?

BEEDIE: As far as national hip hop, I hope I have a place in that world. I know I have a place in Pittsburgh hip hop until the day I die. I'm just trying to make great music and put quality material out there. You know, doin' my hip hop thing. It's my way of expressing myself. I just wanna make music everyone can vibe to and everyone can relate to. I've traveled and I've got a great response and I hope that means I can make it on a bigger level some day.

BPC: Tell the streets about The Varsity Squad.

BEEDIE: The Varsity Squad is part me, part Jon Quest, part Shade Cobain. We all kind of have our own lane in a way, and when we do Varsity Squad we bring it together. It's not like we do it separately and then combine it. We work on it all together. We get a beat, talk about what we wanna do, feed off each other, make a concept and try to make it album material. So far so good.

BPC: We loved Most Slept On and Sleeping In. What's up with The Beat Bully?

BEEDIE: The Beat Bully is a mixtape I'm working on. It's going to be hosted by DJ Space City (out of Texas) and DJ Vex (out of the 412). It's almost finished but I am working on some new music to add before we drop it. It's really important for artists from Pittsburgh to be going hard right now because of the success of Wiz and Mac. If you wanna do somethin, the time is now. Peoples' eyes are on Pittsburgh.

Beedie will be doing a mini tour with Big Pooh (Little Brother) and Tanya Morgan in December. He said that "Little Brother is one of [his] favorites and [he is] super honored to be a part of it." December 1st in Philly and December 2nd here at the Shadow Lounge.

Catch BEEDIE at these upcoming events:

11/12/10 (TONIGHT!!) at the Shadow Lounge
11/24/10 in New Castle
12/1/10 Philly with Big Pooh and Tanya Morgan
12/2/10 Shadow Lounge with Big Pooh and Tanya Morgan

Contact BEEDIE:

Download his mixtapes for free:

NOTE**I was going to use one of those "read more" links, but I can't figure out how to do it. So sorry bros. Anyone who understands that how to do that, comment or email me please (killasambpc@gmail.com)

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