Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
Boot Prints is a registered Veteran-Owned business. Thank YOU for your support! Boots Printing Company is located at 1628 Saw Mill Run Blvd. 2nd Floor Pgh, PA 15210, 412.882.4522 or BOOTPRINTING@GMAIL.COM thank you! (HAPPY? DAVE BLAST!?!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane

Joe Boots graduated from Carrick High School in 2002 and joined the military.  He left for Iraq in 2005 as a Combat Engineer with Charlie 103rd out of Philadelphia.  He returned home on Veteran's Day 2006 and, in typical Joe Boots fashion, proceeded to blow all of the money that he had earned in effort to forget the year he had spent in that hellish sandbox.  He finally got his shit together and went to school to learn how to properly open a business.  The day of his college graduation, he signed the lease for the shop on 51.  One year ago, the doors at Boot Prints Custom Screen Printing opened for business.

He had the space, but didn't have any of the equipment.  He tried to get the money in conventional ways (loans, refinancing his house) but they proved fruitless.  Hey, it's a recession!  Joe's long time friend, Dan McGreevy, believed in the business enough that he was willing to invest in the company.  He put up the start up capital needed to get the wheels in motion.

The shop looked like shit.  It was merely a shell.  That is, until some real homies came through to help out. Uncle Arlo, Billy Shoes, Dan Dee, J.Dolla, BZE, Tommy Gmiter, Beef Stew, and Brad Bianchi made this shop what it is today.  Seriously, we would not be up and running if these guys wouldn't have helped out.

Billy and Arlo makin the wheel functional.

Vdot and Boots buildin the dark room

Dan Dee printing

Arlo and J.Dolla printing

It was freezing cold in the winter and brutally hot in the summer.  We've done jobs for clients ranging from landscaping companies to dance crews.  You, the customer, are the reason we have made it through the year. We owe all of our homies thank yous and all of our customers thank yous too.

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