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Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Friday, September 24, 2010


Normally on the BPC blog, we like to keep it simple. We post about music, local hip hop and art events, and ourselves. Today, we would like to draw attention to something extremely important and relevant to everyone from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas: The Port Authority.

The Port Authority just introduced a rate increase in combination with extensive route cuts earlier this month. It's not even the end of September, and they are ready to raise the rates more and cut even more routes. The Port Authority is due to meet today to discuss these increases and cuts, but they will most likely be postponed until the next board meeting on November 24th. This gives us two months to raise awareness about the issue. If the changes are decided upon during that meeting, the fares will increase and the routes will be cut yet again in March.
According to the Post Gazette, the Port Authority will "cut service by 35 percent, raise fares and lay off more than 500 employees unless the Legislature moves to fill a projected $47 million budget deficit for 2010-11."
The topography of our City may make it beautiful, but it is also responsible for the difficulty in relying on walking or bike riding as a solid form of transportation. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on the bus and trolley systems to get to school and work. Cities depend on public transportation for economic growth. What is the use of revitalizing a neighborhood if such a huge number of people are unable to visit them without proper transit?
If you have any ideas on what we can do as citizens of Pittsburgh and dependents of Port Authority, please contact us. bpcblogshots@gmail.com

Read more: http://postgazette.com/pg/10267/1089936-147.stm#ixzz10S2rSWbz

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  1. You should follow the @pghtransit on twitter. It is the port authority's feed. They are really nice and sent me a lot of information about the situation. Be polite and they will be very helpful.