Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
Boot Prints is a registered Veteran-Owned business. Thank YOU for your support! Boots Printing Company is located at 1628 Saw Mill Run Blvd. 2nd Floor Pgh, PA 15210, 412.882.4522 or BOOTPRINTING@GMAIL.COM thank you! (HAPPY? DAVE BLAST!?!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

two year old SOUL II SOLE graphic comes to life!

about two years ago, world famous deejay drastik got at me about designing a logo for his shop, possibly for a tee shirt, well after many painstaking hours and emails, i delivered a design we were both very pleased with. almost like a karate kid joint. but before they could get printed, drastik brainstormed two PLATINUM ideas, designed by me .. "PIFFSBURGH" and "PITTS BURGH KING" (if you dont know what these designs are.. then you're probably blind*) .. so unfortunately this shirt took a back seat.. and as i told alot of people for quite a few years.. when i get the equipment its on... and well.. here it is.. a two year old graphic designed by me.. and printed by me and my team! he will have these very soon so.. if you got some red and black shit, this is the perfect tee to set it off!

joe boots out.

*no disrespect to actual blind people, BPC does not discriminate and loves all equally, unless you suck at life.

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