Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)

Buy Veteran - Boots Printing Company, LLC(Pittsburgh, PA)
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Friday, February 26, 2010

late.. but better than never.. winter blunderland twenty ten

the night of the (first) blizzard of twenty ten was the first night of actual production at the BPC shop... our lead printer jewels' banging "I HEART PGH" shirt was getting its first run in its new home and the snow just kept coming... but being how our shop is situated and the fact that all of our windows are plastered with signage, we had no idea just how bad it was getting.. we had 4 more shirts to send around the wheel and that was gonna be a wrap. its about 0130 at the time and we were like, hey if we get stranded here well just print on everything we got off our backs plus any thing lying around the shop.. it was like our first official week so we didnt have as much stuff to do obvi. but as we were loadin the last four shirts BOOM! transformer blows on nobles across the way and our power completely shuts down... we didnt know this at the time nor did we care, but almost the whole carrick / brookline area had no power .. so here we are, ink on everything, shirts on the wheel and no flashlight... so we opened the double doors to let some moonlight in because its reflection off of the 3 feet of snow that had accumlated outside of our door without us knowing..cast somewhat of a light in the shop and with no power + no furnace + both doors open... it started to get cold QUICK .. good thing we had a neighbor that was up and freakin out as well. he heard us freakin bout not having a flashlight and brought one down.. we cleaned up as best as we could .. and got the hell outta there.. trekked it back to my house.... it was seriously terrible walking in so much snow completely unprepared. once we made it back to my house .. we found quickly.. no power there either.. no stove no nothing.. so me and jewels were two cold, hungry, frustrated buds.. we did the only thing we could .. get our minds right... and crash out very uncomfortably.. woke up to what?!?! MORE SNOW!!!! we said forget this, its too cold, were low on mind right medicine, no food had to dip the south hills.. i hit up my dude BZE .. who said the power was on in the east end and his space heater was BANGING.. and he was bout to put somethin in the air for his bday and to come through.. so we trekked back to the shop.. to find the street untouched and all of our neighbors out shoveling.. so we went and started shoveling my car.. once that was done, we had to help the neighbors clean off the WHOLE STREET .. or we wouldnt even have been able to leave... once all that was done ( like 3 hours later) we headed to the east, very slowly... once we got there BZE was shovelin a spot for us, but we couldnt even pull onto his street ( although very good in the snow the imapla is still super low ) so we had to go park in the lot and trekk it some more.. it was all good once we arrived though.. after some talk, air clearin and ill music selection listenin.. we left and headed back to the sahside... very slowly, but impala held up as always.. ask anyone that ever drove in the snow wit me .. the impala got it. its computer in it is a piece a hot trash but thats a whole nother story all together. the blizzard ultimately forced me to take a few days off i went to the raise and chilled out / warmed up.. winter blunderland, twenty ten, snow sucks.

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